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The Micros is a very popular POS System.

The reader that is used by Ipads, Iphones and any smart phone credit card processing application.

The Clover POS or Talech POS are a very sleek, easy to use point of sale system for credit card processing.


We will tell all our friends about your service. The application took 5 minutes to fill in. We received our terminal the next day. Everything was free to get setup including the terminal.

Linda & Kevin J.

I needed to get setup for a weekend trade show. They overnighted a swiper for my phone and saved the day. I like that they can do next day funding. I was very pleased the way I was treated. Thank you.

Jennifer S.

I did not know alot about credit card processing. When I received my terminal, a customer support trainer contacted me and walked me through the process of using the terminal, step by step.

Peter J.